A glimmer of light in darkness, random masses coalescing into pattern, a ragged shoreline between the familiar and the formless: this is the territory I explore in INTIMATIONS.  With a visual vocabulary derived from the natural world, I strive to embody the way of nature in my own creative process, letting images evolve from within. My work invites the viewer to enter that process.
xxxxxFog and darkness speak to the human experience of incoherence and the reality of chaos in our world—but in every sphere of life they are a necessary part of a natural continuum. In my art, they challenge the viewer to look more closely, to look beyond the obvious to what is only barely discernible, to what is just beginning to emerge.

Note on the drawings:  INTIMATIONS is a series of litho crayon drawings.  Lithographic crayon is typically used on stone as part of the lithographic printing process, but I use it as a drawing medium on paper.  The pieces in this series are all drawn from memory.

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