[contact-form to=”” subject=”God”][contact-field label=”1. Which statement best expresses your conviction?” type=”checkbox-multiple” options=”I believe in God.,There is no God.,I am an agnostic.,Other”][contact-field label=”2. Why do you believe or think as you do?” type=”textarea”][contact-field label=”3. When you speak about the existence of God or belief in God, who or what do you mean by the name?” type=”textarea” required=”1″][contact-field label=”4. God is . . .” type=”checkbox-multiple” options=”a Person,an idea,a Power,Other”][contact-field label=”5. Where did you get your idea of God?” type=”textarea”][contact-field label=”6.Are you a follower of a particular religion? If so, which one?” type=”text”][contact-field label=”7. If you practice a particular religion, how important are the scriptures, if any, within that tradition? Do you read them literally?” type=”textarea”][contact-field label=”8. Concerning the existence or nonexistence of God, are you certain or do you experience doubts? ” type=”textarea”][contact-field label=”9. What is your perception of people whose convictions are the opposite of yours?” type=”text”][contact-field label=”10. Does God have a gender?” type=”text”][contact-field label=”11. Does God have a location?” type=”text”][contact-field label=”12. Does anyone know the will of God? If so, how?” type=”textarea”][contact-field label=”13. What is your experience of God?” type=”textarea”][contact-field label=”14. What adjectives would you use to describe God?” type=”textarea”][contact-field label=”15. Why do people believe in God?” type=”textarea”][contact-field label=”16. Is there any authority that you hold as absolute? Please elaborate.” type=”textarea”][contact-field label=”May I contact you with any questions? If so, please give me your email address:” type=”email”][contact-field label=”Name” type=”name”][contact-field label=”Do you have any additional comments or questions?” type=”textarea”][/contact-form]

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